The Service

Adult Care and Support holds statutory responsibility for the Council which importantly includes activity to
safeguard adults at risk of abuse.

Adult Care and Support

It covers both assessment and support planning, which focus on individual people, and the commissioning of activity and services as well as Community Independence Services to meet needs and to help manage demand for care, at an individual level and by looking at current and future needs in the wider population.

The service receives approximately 22,000 contacts from the public each year through our Access Service. As at 31 December 2016, the Service supported approximately 2,595 long-term residential placements in the last year, 1,795 Direct Payments and 6,571 care and support packages in the community. The service also supports approximately 2,000 carers.

We ensure that our residents feel supported in their adult-lives, especially people most at risk or those facing challenging phases of their life. We support effective social work practice, social care and occupational therapy to put in place high quality care and support in particular to older people, adults with mental health problems and adults with learning disabilities or physical and/or sensory impairments.

What we do:

Operational locality services:

We arrange adult care in the local area including personal budgets, care at home and residential services. We ensure continuous improvement of these services. We also provide services to assess care needs of vulnerable adults and offer services to improve the wellbeing of these individuals including therapy services.

Provider quality assurance and service improvement:

We oversee the organisations that provide adult social care services within Cornwall, assessing quality of care provision and supporting the providers in improving their services to adults.

Adults safeguarding:

We provide a framework for multi-agency working for recognising and taking action to prevent or stop the abuse of adults at risk. We define the responsibilities of partner organisations in responding to safeguarding adult concerns/allegations. We also develop common values, principles and practice that underpin the safeguarding of adults at risk, identifying the different types of abuse, signs, symptoms and indicators. We also set standards of practice that safeguard adults at risk.

Learning and development:

We improve the quality and consistency of practice, influencing the offer of education partners to develop the wider health and social care workforce in Cornwall. We maintain a learning and development offer for the sector and the wider social care workforce, including an offer to provider services via trading. We ensure the learning and development of our professional staff, enhancing and supporting the offer to social workers and other professional staff.

Brokerage and buyer development:

We help adults to understand their support options based on their budget and select the best social care option that works for them.

Business Support and Administration:

We provide support to the services function in the management and delivery of administrative tasks including front line teams and for senior management. We also support system performance to ensure adult recording is responsive to the needs of the service to carry out statutory activities and ensuring a fit for purpose. We also provide finance and procurement support to the service.

Direct Payments:

We provide direct payments to adult care service providers.